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Background of Tefea Province

TAFEA is the Southern Province of Vanuatu. The name is acronym for the five main islands that make up the province. These islands includie Tanna, Aniwa, Futuna, Erromango and Aneityum. There are other small outer islands, including the Goat Island, VeteManung Island and Inyeug Island. Two other remote islands, Matthew and Hunter are known by people of Aneityum Island as they are the rightful custom ownership of these islands. The table below shows information of the 5 islands, main villages and related population of Tafea province. 

Mission Statement

Recognizing the TAFEA Province existing youth groups by working in collaboration with the government ministries, NGOs and other responsible youth authorities/organization. These will also enhance proper networking and enable young people to access all resources available within relevant youth organization and as well as other youth stakeholders. Registration of all youth groups with the VNYC is a key principle for all TAFEA existing youth group in order to meet the specific objectives of the current youth policy implementation strategies. Goals: To promote peace among young people through music, sports and other cultural activities. To provide opportunities for young people to be able to participate/engage in income generating activities/projects. 


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